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Trade show displays have to work in a noisy, over-stimulated environment. Gone are the days of the boring talking head reading from your technical manual. To compete at a trade show, your presentation must stand above the rest and be able to reliably catch the eye of your potential customers.

At Marketing Unlimited, we create trade show displays and collateral marketing materials to visually communicate your products and ideas with energy and high-impact imagery.

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Benefits of trade show video production by Marketing Unlimited include:

Broadcast quality footage
Marketing Unlimited’s professional videography team uses digital video recording, editing, and production equipment. Traditional videos are recorded on analog film, then digitized and edited, before being re-recorded onto analog. The digital process remains first generation digital and retains higher picture and sound quality for a more professional final presentation.

Full-service video production
Marketing Unlimited videographers walk you through conceptualization, storyboarding, scripting, editing, production, and packaging. As a full-service advertising agency, Marketing Unlimited has the ability to provide any type of skill necessary for trade show video production. From scriptwriters to package designers, you have access to top-of-line graphic design talent.

Virtual experiences for audiences
Demonstrate products and systems or give tours from the trade show floor. Marketing Unlimited utilizes 3D computer animation, modeling, and more to exhibit to trade show goers how your product works, what your services do, or where your development and manufacturing work is performed. Virtual tours and animated demos provide the competitive edge your company needs to stand above other exhibitors.

A variety of media
Marketing Unlimited records trade show videos on CD-ROMs, and DVDs according to the needs of your company and the equipment available at the trade show. Having a trade show video on a variety of media also increases the flexibility of your reps by providing back ups. If you have duplicate DVDs, a broken DVD player is no problem. Clients can simply broadcast the same video via a laptop. Additionally, Marketing Unlimited can replicate or convert older trade show videos onto disc upon client request.

Sounds, graphics, animation, and more...
Marketing Unlimited can include animated text and characters as well as sound effects, musical clips, and more. Marketing Unlimited maintains an extensive library that allows videographers to set the right mood and tone for a trade show video.

Marketing Unlimited commits to providing the cutting-edge technology businesses need.

Please contact us, and tell us more about what you are looking to do.

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