Streaming Video

Reach More People and Enhance Communication with Streaming Video Production Services

Marketing Unlimited delivers the highest quality streaming video and provides the most intuitive viewer experience available in the market today. Enhance your Web site, banner ads and other online communications with the power of video. Broadband uptake continues to rise exponentially, and this uptake is international. The use of live webcasts continues to rise alongside it.

Streaming video lets you to communicate better with:

  • Your management team, your workforce and your sales team
  • Your customers, your suppliers and your contractors
  • Your shareholders, the press and media, and the general public

Our advanced video player technology represents the next generation of video on the Web.

Higher Quality
Our proprietary video encoding and compression process creates the sharpest, cleanest-looking video possible. And our auto-detection technology identifies the optimum format and file size to deliver to the viewer, ensuring the highest quality streaming video available.

Wider Reach
Our ability to deliver video in the most popular video streaming formats and at multiple Internet connection speeds effectively covers more than 95 percent of your potential online audience. Because most video streaming providers encode their clients’ videos in only one format and at one speed, they significantly reduce the video’s audience.

Intuitive Viewing
What is more intuitive than just click and watch? The unique “one-click” feature means viewers begin watching your video immediately, with no decisions to make about media players to use or Internet speeds to select. And forcing viewers to download specific software to view your video is a guaranteed way to lose your audience.

Better Branding
Marketing Unlimited allows you to brand the video player with your company's logo and product information, making it easier for your customers to reach you. In addition, Marketing Unlimited can automatically launch your company's Web site in the background of the player so that when your video ends, you customers are ready to do business.

More Options
Marketing Unlimited functionality goes beyond traditional video players, allowing you create the solution you need. Multiple videos can be placed in the same Marketing Unlimited, providing the viewer with an easy-to-use video menu to select from. Auto-launch a coupon once the viewer has finished watching the company's video, providing an incentive to the viewer to watch the video. Embed a video directly into a Web page so it automatically begins playing when the page is launched.

Enhance Your Website’s Design
Streaming videos incorporated into a custom website design present a company that is technologically-advanced as well as professional. Marketing Unlimited understands the importance of impressing your website visitor. The videography team works with the website design team to successfully include streaming video that is viewable by every website visitor regardless of their platform, web browser, or server.

Marketing Unlimited commits to providing the cutting-edge technology businesses need.

Please contact us, and tell us more about what you are looking to do.

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Interactive Mutimedia Marketing is how you can combine video, multimedia, the web and email into a powerful communicating force.

It enables you to tell people about your ideas and solutions in an innovative and compelling way.

If your project matters to you, and you need a team with the experience and the brilliance to make things happen then talk to us.