Marketing Unlimited can provide you with a complete communication solution for all your needs! Use our services to motivate, demonstrate, communicate and educate …

Corporate Communications Video Corporate Communications Video
Instantly communicate how your business differentiates itself from the competition by launching a “video welcome” or a company overview from your Web site.

Induction Video Induction Video
A good induction video will give a well-rounded impression of the organisation, its values, its products and people. It will also cover off some of the other softer issues such as employee benefits, location familiarisation and company policies.

Training and Education Video Training and Education Video
Deliver relevant training in a timely and cost-effective manner. Employees, customers, distributors and partners can get up-to-date product education and specialized skills training from any location.

Interactive Multimedia CD-ROM and DVD Design Interactive Multimedia
Marketing Unlimited can professionally produce corporate presentations, product promotions or video presentations. We also adapt print catalogs to CD-ROM and DVD formats. We can also create informative instructional CD-ROMs. Train your employees with interactive DVDs or generate new business with promotional CDs from Marketing Unlimited.

Email Marketing Email Marketing
Succeeding on the Internet takes much more than a well-designed website, and Marketing Unlimited, has Email Marketing consulting available to assist in building an Internet presence for your company. Email Marketing is the process of developing goals, strategies, budgets and key specifics for electronic and interactive media.

Web developmentWeb development
Whether you need, a brand new website, a face-lift to your existing site or a new area to your existing site. We can design, build and maintain it for you.

E-Learning E-Learning
Video forms an integral part of many distance learning programmes. Video can be integrated into both CDs and internet-based e-learning schemes.

Conferences and Events Video
Events Video
Promote your next event or market and sell your valuable content by creating videos of keynote presentations and seminars.

Podcasting Podcasting
Podcasting is an exciting new way of publishing audio and video files to the web.

Streaming Video Streaming Video
Online Streaning video communication puts you in control in a way you've probably never experienced before. Within literally minutes of receiving an email from you, your target audience can be seeing and hearing your message at their desktops, or at home, anywhere in the world. Embed streaming commercials and product promotional videos into your Web site and online advertising.

Testimonial on Video Testimonial Video
Send targeted online and offline promotional campaigns featuring your latest product or customer testimonial on video. Reduce your costs and expand your reach using video email or an interactive CD or DVD to enhance or replace traditional print brochures and postcards.

The Chief Executive Shoot Executive Shoot
A complete corporate solution for your next CEO shoot. Pro camera, teleprompt, halogen lights & filters, digital editing, output to DVD, stream or cd - all completed in the shortest possible time.

Tradeshows Video Tradeshows Video
Stop traffic at your tradeshow booth with a company or product promotional video looping from a large-screen monitor and promote your future tradeshows by sending prospects a video email.

Video Kiosks Video Kiosks
Create interactive video presentations using touch screens for tradeshows and lobby displays.

Virtual Reality Virtual Reality
Use virtual reality to show 360-degrees of a product exterior, digitally tour facilities or create different environments, real or virtual. Marketing Unlimited creates high-quality computer-generated graphics and animations for use in virtual reality. Virtual reality can be used to educate, demonstrate and showcase products and corporate information. Virtual reality has great value for many industries, and Marketing Unlimited simply does virtual better.

Company Annual Report Video
Annual Report Video
Marketing Unlimited produce prelims and annual reports for individual and institutional investors via video on DVD and streaming online.

Digital Photography igital Photography
Need product photography to promote your product or service? Want to capture the atmosphere of a major corporate event? Marketing Unlimited expert photographers can shoot on-location or in our greenscreen digital photography studio. We have the equipment and staff necessary to create the images that help you reach your specific objectives.

Sales Presentations Video
Enhance sales presentations with video playing from a laptop on CD/DVD or use as a “leave behind” interactive brochure when visiting prospects … even integrate video into PowerPoint!

Sales Support Video
During live phone calls with prospective customers, your sales reps can provide the ability to view a product video online during their conversation.

Show your products unique features in action with a video product demonstration at the point of purchase.

Public Relations Video
Get your announcement the attention it deserves by integrating video into future press releases distributed by multimedia email to industry trade reporters, distributors and customers.

Newsletters & Announcements Video
Keep customers, partners, investors and employees informed with a periodic video email announcement or newsletter.

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Now, more than ever, your company is looking to maximize its return on investment (ROI) from its marketing efforts. We’re in the business of helping companies just like yours achieve this important goal.

We believe that your business can significantly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of its marketing efforts by utilizing our suite of video marketing solutions.

We don't just deliver standard Induction videos, we deliver a induction corporate package!

Streaming video from your company’s Web site can impact sales by providing a clear product demonstration or by delivering a compelling customer testimonial.

A multimedia email with graphics and video will increase response rates and provide significant credibility.

Your company can use its marketing video as a CD-ROM “video brochure” to enhance or replace your traditional print brochure for direct marketing campaigns.

A powerful DVD presentation can help you stop traffic at tradeshow booths and enhance critical sales meetings.

Deliver training or other useful video content in a more timely and cost-effective manner using a highly-secure video-on-demand system.

Marketing Unlimited uses each of these types of media to deliver the power of video ... right to the desktop!

With video, you can expect close to 100% viewership. Market studies show that nearly everyone given a videotape will play it in its entirety - out of curiosity, if nothing else.