Digital Photography

Digital Photography Services from Marketing Unlimited
The digital photography industry is booming as a result of recent advances in electronic technology. For high-quality, detailed pictures that can enhance print media and websites alike, opt for a company that has paved the path in the digital photography industry: call Marketing Unlimited today.

Marketing Unlimited pioneering digital photography and custom website design company, is equipped with a staff of some of the best photographers. They have produced professional commercial photography for industries in all market segments. Years of experience has given us a true eye for photography that enables us to create images which communicate effectively with customers, partners, investors, colleagues, employees, and more. Rely on the skill, practice, experience, originality, imagination, and technique of Marketing Unlimited professional commercial photographers: call now.


Digital Photography for Print
Digital technology has drastically reduced the cost of professional commercial photography services. Now, images can be digitally transmitted to computers and easily inserted within the context of a print design. Custom commercial photography is a technical art, which when mastered, can significantly enhance the aesthetics of a wide range of print media such as brochures, post cards, and trade ads. Marketing Unlimited designers can include a picture of your new facility in an internal newsletter or add a detailed image of your latest and greatest product to a sell sheet. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Digital Photography for the Web
Digital photography and the Internet go hand-in-hand. Just minutes after digitally capturing a picture, an image can be uploaded to a website for visitors to view at their discretion. Although preparing images for the web is not complicated it is important to start with the best possible source image so the picture does not appear amateurish, unprofessional, and indistinct. Marketing Unlimited commercial photographers utilize the latest version of Photoshop and other software programs to enhance the image and maximize its potential. Additionally, we have invested in hardware that allows us to produce precise color calibration.

Need product photography to promote your product or service? Want to capture the atmosphere of a major corporate event? Marketing Unlimited expert photographers can shoot on-location. We have the equipment and staff necessary to create the images that help you reach your specific objectives.

Do you have an old photo of your company's facility, equipment, or staff that you would like restored? An amateur shot that you would like to look as if a professional had captured the image? Or have you recently launched a new product line or moved to a new facility and need photos that reflect how your company has evolved? Marketing Unlimited offers clients the full range of digital commercial photography services for a variety of advertising media.

Marketing Unlimited Digital Photo Manipulation Options:

  • Change scenes or backgrounds
  • Add or convert color
  • Turn color into black and white
  • Apply lighting or image effects
  • Edit redeye
  • Enlarge or crop images
  • Blend images together
  • Age photos with a sepia tone
  • Convert photos into pencil sketches or cartoons
  • Watermark an image to identify it as your work

Attract potential customers and sell your products with digital product photography services from Marketing Unlimited.

Marketing Unlimited commits to providing the cutting-edge technology businesses need.

Please contact us, and tell us more about what you are looking to do.

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Still Product Photography
People buy with their eyes. Stimulate their visual interest with still photographs from Marketing Unlimited. Still product photos capture your product in motion. Depending on your preferences, we can make use of live models to demonstrate how a product is used or we can utilize multiple vantage points and angles to make your product appear dimensionally intriguing. Marketing Unlimited still photos are shot in a high-resolution digital format suitable for use in print media and on the web. All of our still photos are optimized before they are integrated into your specific advertising medium.

360-degree product photography
In addition to high quality stills, we are capable of creating 360-degree product photos that allow website visitors to virtually interact with products. Use 360-degree photos in your website or in your next multimedia CD-ROM/DVD presentation. At Marketing Unlimited, 360-degree product images can be captured using digital photography and video or they can be completely computer-generated using Marketing Unlimited 3D modeling services in our state-of-the-art studio. To market effectively, we ensure that you receive user-friendly photos that offer a full range of motion