Interactive Multimedia CD-ROM and DVD Design

Enhance or even replace traditional print collateral with interactive CDs and DVDs.
These low-cost, high-quality solutions deliver the sharpest, highest quality video possible.

High Impact
CDs and DVDs allow marketers to deliver high-impact multimedia marketing messages that compel your prospects to take immediate action. Multimedia direct marketing materials have a minimum 60 percent greater response rate than traditional direct mail pieces. Reach and influence your prospects and customers by giving them what they want... an easy way to find what's useful to them.

Cost Effective
CDs and DVDs are more cost effective to produce than traditional print literature and can store hundreds of full-color images, brochures and presentations in addition to high-impact video. A CD can store thousands of dollars worth of marketing collateral and can cost as little as R12 to produce and mail.

More Efficient
The ability to quickly and easily update CD and DVD content make it a much more efficient marketing medium than traditional print. Also, Marketing Unlimited can create CDs and DVDs that automatically update themselves each time they are accessed by a computer connected to the Internet.

Similar to the advantages of the Web, CDs and DVDs can offer the user an interactive experience, allowing them to quickly find the information they are most interested in. A CD or DVD that utilizes a professionally designed interactive menu is a powerful marketing or training tool that also reinforces branding and increases credibility.

Offline Advantage
CDs and DVDs can process data up to 300 times faster than a standard dial-up Internet connection, thus providing faster load times, smoother playback and full-screen video. One of the greatest benefits of using CDs and DVDs is that they don't require an Internet connection to access the information stored on them.

Marketing Unlimited commits to providing the cutting-edge technology businesses need.

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Interactive Mutimedia Marketing is how you can combine video, multimedia, the web and email into a powerful communicating force.

It enables you to tell people about your ideas and solutions in an innovative and compelling way.

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