Video Kiosks

Video Kiosk allows the viewer to fire video clips on demand. Available as a single screen or dual screen application. Simply touching the screen plays the selected video immediately on screen or on an attached plasma screen or projector.

We design an interface to suit your application, whether it's aimed at showcasing your products and services, or forms the centre piece visitor attraction. Our fully equipped studios can produce all your video presentation requirements, or we can take your existing video content and encode it into a digital format suitable for display on plasma or projection screens.

Where you don't have the space to show all your entire product range, or want to give customers the flexibility to customise and see their chosen products, an interactive kiosk system could be the answer. We build a bespoke application around your products and can work dynamically against existing databases or websites.


An interactive kiosk, also known as an all-in-one system, is a self-contained unit that combines hardware and software including a touch screen monitor and computer. With options such as printer, credit card reader and ‘live’ Internet access, interactive kiosks deliver Internet based and interactive information to promote or sell products and services at a self-service public access terminal. 

A touch screen is an intuitive computer input device that works by simply touching the display screen. The touch screen is the primary, and often the only, interface and stands up to wear and tear better than mice, track balls or standard keyboards. 

Interactive kiosks can run any type of program or application that can run on the Internet or a desktop computer. Because every business now relies so heavily on computers, all-in-one systems, which enable businesses to communicate with customers, partners and employees, have an application in every industry. Kiosks can be used in any setting, and are especially well suited for installation in public areas such as lobbies, retail stores, warehouses, entertainment venues, trade shows, museums and colleges. 

Many companies and organizations already have the content they need for a kiosk right on their website. Thus, all-in-one systems capitalize on the investment that has already been made in a website. Kiosks can easily be connected to the Internet to provide controlled access to a website, or the content of a website may be saved on the kiosk’s hard drive, which provides similar functionality. Marketing Unlimited kiosks can even run full-motion video and other bandwidth intensive applications. 

Market research indicates that primary market drivers for interactive kiosks include their ability to offer information and products anytime, anywhere while simultaneously reducing labor costs and combating customer service deficiencies such as lack of employee training. The availability of all-in-one systems to leverage Internet investments into a strategically located public access device and the success of automated teller machines and self service gas stations have provided market models for interactive kiosks. 

For only an incremental additional investment, kiosks enable a full range of services designed to make the Internet an integral, hardworking part of the seller’s brick-and-mortar environment and extend customer relationships onto the web. Increased e-commerce revenues will depend on the seller’s ability to aggressively go to where its customers are. Kiosks respond to the need for convenient access to products and services by delivering the right information in the right place at the right time.

Marketing Unlimited commits to providing the cutting-edge technology businesses need.

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Interactive Mutimedia Marketing is how you can combine video, multimedia, the web and email into a powerful communicating force.

It enables you to tell people about your ideas and solutions in an innovative and compelling way.

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