Induction Video

Induction videos are similar in some respects to training videos. However, as the name implies they tend to hone in on the issues that affect the employee during the early days of a new job. A good induction video will give a well-rounded impression of the organisation, its values, its products and people. It will also cover off some of the other softer issues such as employee benefits, location familiarisation and company policies.

What would you use it for?
Clearly, the key audience(s) for induction video are new
employees – whether shown on an individual or group basis.
However, production of an induction video presents an excellent opportunity for an organisation to re-examine the knowledge and awareness of the company amongst existing employees.
We don't just deliver standard Induction videos, we deliver a induction corporate package!

What we will do for you
A good induction video requires thorough background research. We will talk to HR to gain a thorough understanding of existing induction policies to ensure that what we do re-enforces and adds value to existing efforts. We will also talk to recently recruited employees. The purpose of this is to determine areas where information may have been lacking during their induction process.

Marketing Induction corporate package includes, software solutions, video, assesment and can be billed on a monthly retainer fee with no extra cost.

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A company’s most valuable asset is its personnel. These days the ability of a company to communicate with staff for recruitment, induction, training, development, customer relations and feedback will increasingly depend on video production as a cost effective resource.