The Chief Executive Shoot

You’re a Marketing, Publicity or PR Professional and your busy Chief Executive needs to make an announcement on video.

Whether your requirement is for a one-off company announcement to shareholders, or part of a series of strategy briefings to management, we can help.

Your two highest priorities are:

  • Minimal demand on your busy Chief Executive’s time, usually one hour or less, and possibly outside 9 to 5 hours.
  • Your Chief Executive is delighted with the finished result, in particular that they’re pleased with the way they’re portrayed.

We understand these concerns and have designed our CEO shoot package around this.

The standard CEO package includes:

  • Script development and shoot planning assistance
  • Top HDV camera and lighting for the perfect shot
  • Teleprompt, with the flexibility to amend scripts at the last minute
  • Designer background: Frequently we shoot our subjects against Green Screen for later dubbing over a designer background, eg, a company-branded newsroom look, or other relevant scene
  • The Designer background will incorporate your latest company image. This artwork will be carried out by a winning artist
  • A Green Screen shoot gives the flexibility to shoot in any ordinary office location, which in turn eliminates the need and the expense of providing an studio set. This greatly reduces the demands on the Chief Executive's valuable time, and significantly reduces setup costs
  • Colour matching between skin, tie, suit and designer background is vital. Colour Matching welds the subject and the background into a single visual unity, without any artificial appearance. It creates a more powerful prestigious look
  • Post production effects can be employed to develop face character. For example, a softer or a stronger look
  • Existing video footage or stills can be dubbed over parts of the presentation to add visual relevance to spoken comments, if required
  • Time – anytime, anywhere
  • Delivery on DVD, CD or web stream

Samples of this kind of work are only available on request. Please call and ask.

Should you require an alternative to the suggested package, such as speaking at a conference venue, or perhaps a studio setting with set design and steadicam, then please ask.

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