Email Marketing

Marketing Unlimited subscribe and adhere to strict anti-spam and opt-in marketing policies for itself as well as for their customers. Our successful e-mail marketing campaigns have been used for:

  1. Course bookings and invitations.
  2. Competitions and market research / surveys.
  3. General news and announcements.
  4. HTML and text newsletters.
  5. Statements and invoices.
  6. Order forms and more.

We take care of the conceptualization and design, the name base management for corrections and additions, and full reporting and the management of e-mail bounces.

When you set out to plan for Email marketing, it's best to approach it in the same way as classical marketing, and draw up a marketing plan. But if you are working in 'Internet time', you may feel that decisions need to be taken more quickly. In the Internet space, things can change quickly, and alter the impact of your decisions almost overnight. At the same time, there are regulatory and other issues which need careful analysis and which may determine what you can and can't do.

By combining the power and economics of e-mail with traditional sales, marketing and customer service concepts, Marketing Unlimited gives companies the ability to build personal and unique relationships with customers using the power and economics of e-mail.

Businesses require a fast, effective and economical e-mail-based marketing solution. Marketing Unlimited is the answer! It is a combined web-based and text e-mail marketing solution that assist you to create, manage and report on e-mail marketing campaigns.

Marketing via e-mail is Extremely Powerful! If used correctly, you can promote almost any business, product, or service. You can generate more leads, make more sales, and test more new ideas for less money (and in less time) than any other marketing method!

Marketing Unlimited is the most powerful email marketing solution. Expect to be impressed. It has a reputation for delivering a multitude of robust features at unparalleled value. Intuitive features make this dynamic program highly accessible. Everything you need for a successful marketing campaign. No -Installation required. We do it all for you. In a manner of moments the folks at Marketing Unlimited will have your marketing up and running.

Marketing Unlimited commits to providing the cutting-edge technology businesses need.

Please contact us, and tell us more about what you are looking to do.

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