Company Annual Report Video

Marketing Unlimited produce prelims and annual reports for individual and institutional investors via video on DVD and streaming online. By combining video of key decision makers with animated financial information our service allows people to review company reports in an easy and convenient manner. It also ensures corporate information is interpreted correctly; the combination of video, audio and graphics ensure your message is more easily understood.

With a DVD of your annual report investors can look your management team in the eye and know the company is in safe hands. Investors will know, from the heart and the head, that your financial forecasts are realistic, achievable and your management team are just the people to do it.

Of course your annual report will use your 'brand persona', keeping your message consistent with your written report. There's an additional opportunity to add an emotive level to inspire potential investors and motivate exiting ones. Your financial report could use celebrity presenters, graphics and music to create the tone you require.

Putting your report online ensures it's accessible all over the world. Wherever they are, market analysts will have a solid and reliable asset to promote your company to their clients, bosses and the public.

Once your initial report has been generated, updates can be quickly produced to include the very latest financial data all set in context with the latest world events. As this can be uploaded to your website in minutes: it's about as future proof as it's possible to be.

Marketing Unlimited commits to providing the cutting-edge technology businesses need.

Please contact us, and tell us more about what you are looking to do. We’ll be straight back to you – normally within 24 hours.

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A company’s most valuable asset is its personnel. These days the ability of a company to communicate with staff for recruitment, induction, training, development, customer relations and feedback will increasingly depend on video production as a cost effective resource.